Sheese balls.

How Armenians try to translate to English is amusing.

Someone should tell them that it’s cheese balls. Let’s see how long it is before they realise the correct spelling.

I can easily summarise Yerevan in four words – the city of construction. You cannot miss the imposing cranes situated besides the crumbling houses or the buildings still in construction. There isn’t even an old city of Yerevan any more – builders have destroyed a part of it and the rest looks like barracks.

Apart from all the construction, the warm and welcoming atmosphere made Yerevan beautiful. There even was an extraordinary city fountain water display, with light and sound. However, I couldn’t enjoy the experience, because I had just broken my phone while walking there which left me very miserable for most of the day (and to make matters worse, later on I realised that I had left my jacket somewhere behind – given to me especially for the trip by a friend for my birthday) 😫😭.

Armenia is home to many precious and beautiful gems such as the piece I found below:

Yerevan has delicious food – including enormous Armenian pizza, my favourite so far. It was far different from Italian pizza. The dough was hard and crusty while it only consisted of one topping – groundbeef. I loved it so much, I had two of them. Also, I had no idea that ayran (diluted yoghurt) was popular in Central Asia, so it’s good news for me (I can now have ayran every dayπŸ˜πŸ˜„).

Our Armenian driver who took us from Tbilisi to Yerevan was even worse than the Georgian driver. It’s a relief that we all managed to arrive in one piece. His attitude didn’t help either. We were having chakapuri and some crumbs had fallen on the floor of the bus and when the driver saw, he went completely mental on us. The driver never told us we couldn’t eat in the bus. We even asked him if we could have breakfast and he agreed.


As part of my English studying, my mum asked me to write a sort of descriptive piece about Armenia… well, Yerevan. I had to include alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, metaphor, simile, anolgy, satire and hyperbole. See if you can find them. So, here goes.

Armenian Aryan

While at times the sky turned grey and clouds rumbled , at others the sky was full of the scorching sun sending burning rays of light. In which case, the latter seemed the most appropriate opportunity to take a sip of Armenian aryan.

During the day, Yerevan was a transforming city – cranes creaked , metal clanked on metal and builders shouted out orders.

But during the evening, the whole city took a break and enjoyed their best works, including the miraculous fountain. The dancing water was an elegant ballerina, performing their best piece yet. The jet sprays were like fireworks – emitting a whole colourful display of noise and sight . The city was bursting with surprises and entertainment each day.

In contrast, the old city of Yerevan was empty. It was equivalent to your average abandoned park.

But Armenia, they really do have the best drivers. I mean, it’s rather safe for them to be going as fast as they possibly can and swerve around the corners at the last second, even if it is on the edges of a mountain. It makes sense why they should rock their buses or cars when attempting to go over the speed limit. I mean, they’re not breaking the law, right?

Talking of driving, the bus from Tblisi to Yerevan took forever to arrive. Let’s just hope we don’t need to say the same for the bus from Yerevan to Teheran.