Georgia on my Mind

I would like to say that Georgia was named after my mum because it is a beautiful land. 😘 Shout out to my mum.

I particularly felt the landscape of Batumi was gorgeous. It was relaxing to ride along the Black Sea on a scooter by myself and seeing the futuristic-like buildings. This may be one of the places I will consider living in for some time. I already have an idea to own a nice house by the side of the Black Sea and to take out the scooter every morning.

I really liked Batumi. But soon enough, we were on a train to Tbilisi.

Both the apartments we rented in Batumi and Tbilisi while in a central area which looked so rundown that walking around didn’t make me feel safe. Thankfully, once inside, they were modern and nicely decorated. It made me wonder if they left the area to decay to turn away the robbers.I

Saying that, on arriving in Tbilisi I almost felt I was in New York again. It has tall buildings, wide lanes, lots of lights and car noise.

The next day, a friend of a friend kindly gave us a tour around, all the way from the old capital of Georgia to the best balconies with a view, and to old Tbilisi.

We also went to the Bath of the City which, although it reeked of rotten eggs (sulphur–which has healing properties), was also very elegant. At the end of it, there was a waterfall. This was very special, because what other city has a waterfall in its centre?

Flashback to our arrival, a few evenings ago. It was pouring. Literally. When we were in no-man’s land, past the Turkish border walking towards the Georgian border, the rain was so strong it made puddles on the ground. Security had to put planks of wood for people to walk on. And that was only indoors. Imagine outdoors.

Once we officially arrived in Georgia, we took a minibus to the apartment. The vehicle was packed, so we had to stand for half an hour. To make matters even worse, the driver was absolutely crazy. Italians are the worst drivers? Pfffff. Come to Georgia, people.

That’s the worst you can get, right? Nope.
We were drenched and we were wearing these waterproof covers, and they were drenched. We were all standing and I had to hold on for the sake of my life, to avoid being thrown across the minibus. One passenger, on her phone, sitting down, wanted me to move, because the waterproof cover kept going in her way. She didn’t ask me. She pushed me, although gently. I’m sorry, but I’m trying to hold on. I didn’t realise that your priority was scrolling through Facebook on your phone. Hmm. Selfish!