BeyondOverton Travel

I set up this blog as a diary for my thoughts on the financial markets in 2017. After living for more than 20 years in London, on September 1, 2018, we decided to start a land journey with my wife, Georgia, and two teenage kids, Malena and Eliano, to the East coast of China, crossing Bulgaria (my home country), Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and, of course, China (world schooling the kids on the way!). From there we plan to visit most of Southeast Asia looking for an interesting opportunity to get involved.

As we embarked on our Silk Road journey, my son wanted to share his travel experiences and I allowed him to use So now, you may have noticed that there are two travel blogs covering each country we have visited: my perspective (beyondoverton) and his (g88kboy). Additionally, because of the lack of reliable internet connections in most countries and our (Georgia and I, not necessarily the kids) desire to experience the real life as much as possible, our country posts come with delay.

Connectivity being the issue has also meant that some posts have appeared in strange writing style – I don’t know why – could be because we upload from our mobile phones. It is for this reason that there are very few photos, in general. We have thousands, but uploading them takes forever.