Over all my fourteen years, London was fun. I’ve had many exciting experiences that I know I will never forget.

It was a struggle to say goodbye to our flat back in London. It had been my home since the day I was born (literally – I was delivered in the main bedroom). Flat 3 has always been with me, through thick and thin.

For my secondary school, it was a different matter. Pretty much the only thing I will miss from there are my friends.

But I don’t think I will ever struggle to say goodbye to anything more than VillaGea. This house was a pure luxury, something I couldn’t wait to visit every summer.

Not only VillaGea has everything you could ever wish for – a massive trampoline, a footsball table, a Ping-Pong table, a wide variety of balls (ranging from footballs, basketballs and volleyballs to beach balls, squeeze balls and exercise balls), a huge collection of toys and a form of entertainment available at all times, but it also holds many memories – including sleepovers with friends, barbecues with families and late-night karaoke.

However, above all, the house has its very own front-row seat for the beach. That is something extremely extraordinary. How else can you get the beautiful experience of waking up to the soft crashes of waves against the shore? How else can you get the opportunity to sit on a deck chair in the veranda, watching the sunset? How else can you get the chance to have a midnight swim on a whim? The sea was basically my own massive swimming pool. So yeah, it was a struggle saying goodbye to the house of many glorious memories.

Still, as the summer eventually ended, the trip of a lifetime started.

The first stop is the village of Dobrich, Bulgaria. We took a flight from Rome to Sofia, before jumping into the car to drive all the way there.

The time in the car allowed me to relish the sight of Bulgaria’s landscape that I had not seen in many years. When I was younger, I used to come to Bulgaria a lot to visit Diado & Baba. While in the car, it occurred to me, that throughout all the years I hadn’t visited, I still had vivid memories.

I had missed Bulgaria. That was as much as I could realise. So here I am, back in one of my childhood homes.